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The third annual Internet conference - DIDS 2012

The third annual international conference on the development of the Internet within the .RS and .СРБ domain spaces of Serbia - DIDS 2012 was held on 22 March at hotel "Moskva" in Belgrade. This year's Serbian Internet Domains Day, organised by the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS), gathered 25 presenters from Serbia and abroad as well as about 230 visitors.

During the first part called "What's new on the Internet in Serbia and abroad", moderated and introduced by Mr Vladimir Radunović from DiploFoundation, Mr Khaled Fattal, the Chairman and CEO of Multilingual Internet Group presented his experience related to the significance and development of the localised content and internationalised domains in the Arab world. Then our guest from Russia, Mr George Georgievsky, Sales Director of the Coordination Centre of the .RU and .РФ domains, spoke about experiences with their Cyrillic Internet domain. Mr Vojislav Rodić, President of the RNIDS Conference of Co-founders, presented activities of RNIDS in the last year. At the end of this part, Mr Zoran Stanojević, a journalist and the coordinator of the Internet portal of RTS, presented results and importance of the programme of support to Internet popularisation projects in 2011.

The second part was called "Cyrillic on the Internet, Internet in Cyrillic" and its moderator Ms Tamara Vučenović gathered local experts dealing with various aspects of this field: technological, philological, librarian, legal, design-related, cultural, educational and scientific. Mr Slobodan Marković and Mr Mihailo Stefanović gave technological and technical explanations as to how Cyrillic Internet domain names function on various computer and server platforms. Mr Mirko Marković spoke about Internet use in local libraries, as well as the significance of Cyrillic and the .СРБ domain for library bases and descriptors. Through his video presentation, Mr Toma Tasovac, MA, spoke about digital humanities, Cyrillic and the Internet as a platform for exchanging knowledge and the digital library of the Serbian cultural heritage. Ms Olivera Stojadinović presented the project "Cyrillic as a present" and spoke about the issue of Cyrillic typography on the Internet. Mr Vladimir Marić, MA, spoke about the protection of intellectual property on the Internet, especially emphasising the Cyrillic script and the protection of brands in Cyrillic.

"Successful projects within the .RS domain" were the topic of the third part of the conference moderated by Mr Miloje Sekulić and Mr Ivan Ćosić. Eleven websites were presented whose content or services were significant for the local Internet offer:,,,,,,,,, and the project "Čitaj mi" (Read to me).

Videos: RNIDS channel on Live-eTV, Diplo Foundation on YouTube






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