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The .срб domain

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What is .срб?

The Cyrillic Internet domain .срб is the new, second country code top-level domain of the Republic of Serbia. It is part of the internationalised domain name (IDN) family, i.e. of domain names which are not written using the English alphabet.

Which countries have an IDN in the local script?

  • The first internationalised country code top-level domains (IDN ccTLDs), using the Arabic script, were activated on 5th May 2010 for Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
  • On 12th May 2010, Russia became the first country to register domain names written in the Cyrillic script, with the extension “.рф”. On 3rd May 2011, Serbia became the second country to get its own Cyrillic domain – “.срб”. The domain “.укр” was then delegated to Ukraine, and Bulgaria expects to obtain its own “.бг” Cyrillic domain soon.
  • Top-level domains written in the Chinese script, in several variants, were activated on 25th June 2010.
  • Since then, domain names in the local script have been approved or are currently in the process of being approved for a large number of countries (more information at:

Which second-level domains will there be within .срб?

It has been proposed that the sub-domain structure within the .срб domain retains the same structure as the current second-level domains within the .rs domain.

List of .срб second-level domain names:

.rs domain

.срб domain



privreda (economy), preduzeće (company), preduzetnik (entrepreneur)


organizacija (organisation)


obrazovanje (education)


od (of)


The following labels have been determined for delegated domains:


organi uprave (administrative bodies)


akademska mreža (academic network)


What are the advantages of the .срб domain?

1. The only world’s only Internet domain where website addresses are written as they are spoken.
Thanks to the characteristic of the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet that each sound is represented by a single letter, .срб addresses, in comparison to many domain names written in the English alphabet, will always be spoken exactly as they are written.

2. Ensures that the citizens of Serbia can pursue their constitutional right to use Internet domains in their official script.
At a time when Internet access is coming to be considered a basic human right in the developed countries and when the world’s largest countries look to preserve their national identity through domain names in the local script, Serbia has been one of the first to embark on introducing a non-Latin script domain.

3. Timely reservation of free Internet space for future requirements.
The Internet is growing to such an extent that very soon almost every person will have to have his or her own Internet identity. This is already a must for companies and organisations. Since many terms, names and titles have already been taken in current domains, the introduction of the .срб domain represents the timely occupation of available Internet space for diverse and currently unpredictable future needs. It is predicted that many of the devices we use everyday will even have their own Internet addresses. A futuristic example would go something like this: Your digitalised car with the address “мојаљутамашина.срб” (“mymeanmachine.srb”) books itself in for a service and oil change!

Which characters can be used in a .срб domain name?

Serbian Cyrillic domain names, besides the 30 letters of the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet (а-ш), may contain numbers and hyphens (-). They cannot contain a hyphen at the start or the end or two consecutive hyphens in the third and fourth positions. .срб domain names can contain a maximum of 63 ASCII characters after ASCII Compatible Encoding (ACE).

How will we write "www" in the addresses of .срб sites in the future?

From a technical point of view, it is not actually necessary to type “www” at the start of a website address. This is more of a hangover from the early days of Internet addresses. All existing sites with the .rs extension can be found without the “www” at the beginning if the server it is hosted on is correctly configured.

When does the registration of .срб domains begin?

RNIDS Board of Governors reaches a decision that .срб domain registration starts on St Sava’s Day, 27 January 2012.

The price of the .срб domain name during phase one, in which the right to registration is granted only to users, i.e. registrants of the .rs domain, will amount to 1 RSD. This price does not refer to end users, but is rather established for registrars by RNIDS. During this phase, which it to last for 6 months, registrants will be able to register only those .срб domain names which are directly connected to their .rs domain names, while in the following 3 months they will be able to register the remaining available .срб domain names. At this price, the registrant is eligible to register as many .срб domain names as there are registered .rs domain names, where .срб domain names are registered on an annual basis, regardless of the number of years for which .rs domain names have been registered.

During the open registration period, which is not linked to the already registered .rs domain names, the price of a .срб domain name will amount to 500 RSD, whereas the price of the subdomain will total to 250 RSD (the prices do not refer to end users, i.e. .срб domain registrants, but are rather prices RNIDS charges to registrars).

Chronology of the birth of the .срб domain

November 2009
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) launches a fast track process for obtaining top-level domains which paves the way for internationalised domain names (IDN), i.e. Internet website addresses expressed in letters other than those in the English alphabet.

December 2009
The Government of the Republic of Serbia tasks the Ministry for Telecommunications and Information Society (MTID) with taking the steps necessary for obtaining a Cyrillic domain.

February 2010
The Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names (RNIDS) begins a public debate on the need for a Cyrillic domain and initiates a procedure to choose a localised top-level domain extension in the Serbian language and the Cyrillic script.

16th June 2010
The public debate, survey and vote on what to call the Cyrillic Internet domain of Serbia come to a close. The two proposals which receive the most votes from the Serbian Internet community (.срб and .србија) are sent to ICANN for evaluation.

15th July 2010
MTID determines that RNIDS meets all the conditions for managing the register of Cyrillic domains.

8th November 2010
ICANN accepts RNIDS’s proposal that .срб become the Cyrillic domain of Serbia and assigns this label to our country as the second country code top-level Internet domain.

November - December 2010
A public debate on the principles and rules of registering Cyrillic domain names begins.

21st April 2011
The ICANN Board of Directors backs the request that the management of the .срб domain be assigned to RNIDS.

3rd May 2011
The Cyrillic domain .срб becomes accessible on the Internet after the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) assigns its management to RNIDS.

11th May 2011
The new, official RNIDS website becomes the first local site to use the new top-level Cyrillic domain, at the address рнидс.срб.

28th of May 2011
Regulatory enactments governing the registration of .срб domains are approved at a meeting of the RNIDS Assembly. The open registration of .срб domain names is expected to begin in autumn.


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RNIDS website

ICANN website

The .срб domain logotype can be downloaded in all graphic formats at:






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