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New co-financed projects available on the Internet

Within ‘the development of new Internet services’ category, ‘Zvrk’ Website, one of the projects co-financed by the Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names (RNIDS), has developed a dictionary dedicated to children aged four to twelve.

The audio-visual dictionary at translates certain terms into English, each word is graphically illustrated and its pronunciation is available. Dictionary terms are separated by categories: Colours, Numbers, Flowers, Insects, Alphabets, Planets, Vegetables, Vehicles, Birds, Family relations, Sports and Fruit. The search functionality is also enabled.

The introduction of an online dictionary and audio-visual contents in Italian is also planned as to further enhance the Website.

Within ‘the development of new Internet services’ category, RNIDS has also co-financed a project initiated by the Municipal Assembly of Vranje which involves support to agricultural producers for accessing the Internet and assistance in marketing their products online.

At, agricultural producers can find all necessary information on price trends of fruit, vegetables, milk and dairy products, cereals and cattle in Vranje and its vicinity. Also, the project has an educational character, since there are numerous Website articles containing advice from all areas of agriculture and cattle-breeding.

Agricultural producers are also provided with the possibility of downloading certain contents, such as instructions for creating business plans in agriculture and cattle-breeding, as well as specialised guides from various areas of agricultural production.






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