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Home of Serbian Internet Domains

The Home of the Serbian Internet Domains is a multi-purpose venue at 18a/I Žorža Klemansoa street which is the registered office of the bodies of RNIDS (Conference of Co-founders, Board of Governors and the Director) and the RNIDS Office. It was officially opened on 10th March 2011 during Serbian Internet Domain Day (DIDS) 2011. The premises are owned by RNIDS and represent a secure investment of financial resources and a guarantee of stable operation for at least 10 years – which indeed is the commitment made to domain name registrants and the state.

Besides the business premises in which RNIDS conducts its primary activities, the Home of the Serbian Internet Domains also has a server room and a room for holding meetings of RNIDS bodies and other gatherings which aim to benefit the local Internet community.

The Conference Room is 80 m2 in size and is equipped with the latest audio, video, lighting and ventilation systems. The modular chair and table system allows events for between a dozen and 100 guests to be held. The accompanying facilities (balcony, kitchenette, toilets) provide comfortable conditions for a full working day.

The room offers technical capabilities for the following activities:
- conferences
- consultations
- panel discussions
- round tables
- panel discussions
- lectures
- seminars
- workshops
- training sessions
- presentations
- promotions
- video projections
- exhibitions

The Home of the Serbian Internet Domains is open to all members of the local Internet community with good ideas for activities that help and promote the objectives of RNIDS.

The aim is for the Home of Serbian Internet Domains to become a
a place where members of the local Internet community will gather, discuss, teach and get to know each other

Internal gatherings (direct invites only):
- for RNIDS members
- for the bodies of RNIDS
- for accredited registrars
- for RNIDS working groups
- for the associates and partners of RNIDS

Public gatherings (general public invites for all interested parties):
- for professionals
- for the general public
- for the media

Ongoing general topics:
- Internet content
- Web design
- Internet technology
- Security and privacy on the Internet

Ongoing RNIDS topics:
- Promotion of the .rs and .срб domains
- Consideration of amendments and additions or new RNIDS enactments
- Technical issues of managing the country code TLD and IDN
- Principles and procedures of the operation of accredited registrars and their training

Occasional topics:
- Presentation of current RNIDS projects and activities
- Presentation of co-financed Internet projects
- Presentation of new issues of importance for domain name users
- Presentation of information on Internet growth in Serbia

The programme of activities of the Home of the Serbian Internet Domains is devised and led by the coordinator and the programme moderator.


If you are interested in any kind of cooperation, contact the RNIDS Office or the Programme Team by e-mail:

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