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Glossary of Internet Terms

Internet is a global communications system comprised of a large number of interconnected autonomous systems (networks) that exchange information using a common set of communication protocols (TCP/IP).

IP address is a numerical identifier, defined as part of the IP protocol, which allows unique addressing of devices connected to the Internet.

Internet domain is a textual identifier which connects a set of computers, devices and services on the Internet in a single administrative and technical whole. Each domain on the Internet is defined by a globally unique name.

Domain name is comprised of a series of alphanumeric segments separated by dots (e.g.

Domain Name System (DNS) is a basic Internet service which allows the translation of Internet domain names into IP addresses and vice-versa.

DNS server is a device that is continually connected to the Internet and which, at the request of the user, translates domain names into IP addresses and vice-versa.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an organisation that governs and manages the development of DNS systems and the distribution of IP addressing at the global level.

Country Code Top-Level  Domain (ccTLD) is the name of a domain connected with an international two-letter country code ccTLD determined by ICANN in accordance with the ISO-3166-2 list.

ccTLD register is a database of domain names registered under the ccTLD.

ccTLD registry operator is an organisation delegated by ICANN to manage the national register of an Internet domain (like RNIDS).

Whois database is a publicly available database of the users of domain names registered in the ccTLD registry.

Registrar is a legal entity or sole trader who, based on a contract with the ccTLD registry operator, has the authority to conduct business relating to the registration of domain names at the request of end users.

Local Internet community are all those legal and entities and individuals conducting business in the area of the Internet or use Internet services in the Republic of Serbia.






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