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Register of National Internet Domain Names of Serbia
00:03 (CET) - 17. April 2014.
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  • .СРБ

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List of Registrars

Address Book

RNIDS Conference of Co-founders

Vojislav Rodić, Chair of the Conference of Co-founders, e-mail: vojislav.rodic[at]rnids[dot]rs
Goran Milanković, Deputy Chair of the Conference of Co-founders, e-mail: goran.milankovic[at]rnids[dot]rs

RNIDS Board of Governors

Dušan Stojičević - Chair of the Board of Governors, e-mail: dusan.stojicevic[at]rnids[dot]rs
Zoran Perović - Deputy Chair of the Board of Governors, e-mail: zoran.perovic[at]rnids[dot]rs
Staniša Josić, e-mail: stanisa.josic[at]rnids[dot]rs
Vladimir Aleksić, e-mail: vladimir.aleksic[at]rnids[dot]rs
Aleksandar Pavlović, e-mail: aleksandar.pavlovic[at]rnids[dot]rs
Snežana Božić, e-mail: snezana.bozic[at]rnids[dot]rs
Biljana Romić Punoš, e-mail: biljana.romic.punos[at]rnids[dot]rs

Director of RNIDS

Danko Jevtović

e-mail: danko.jevtovic[at]rnids[dot]rs

RNIDS Office

The RNIDS Office carries out everyday administrative and technical tasks for all the bodies of RNIDS.

Mirjana Tasić
Adviser for Strategy and Development
e-mail: mirjana.tasic[at]rnids[dot]rs
tel. +381 60 0120-556

Slobodan Marković
Adviser for ICT Policy and Internet Community Relations
e-mail: slobodan.markovic[at]rnids[dot]rs
tel. +381 63 387 260

Dejan Đukić
Chief Legal and Administrative Officer
e-mail: dejan.djukic[at]rnids[dot]rs
tel. +381 60 0120-553

Žarko Kecić
Chief Technical Officer
e-mail: zarko.kecic[at]rnids[dot]rs
tel. +381 64 8010-384

Aleksandar Popović
Chief Financial Officer
e-mail: aleksandar.popovic[at]rnids[dot]rs
tel. +381 64 8010-382

Predrag Milićević
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer
e-mail: predrag.milicevic[at]rnids[dot]rs
tel. +381 60 0120-551

Ilija Vujnović
Financial Associate
e-mail: ilija.vujnovic[at]rnids[dot]rs
tel. +381 60 0120-556

Stefan Kovač
Domain Name Registration and Analysis Coordinator
e-mail: stefan.kovac[at]rnids[dot]rs
tel. +381 64 8010-383

Aleksandar Kostadinović
System Administrator
e-mail: aleksandar.kostadinovic[at]rnids[dot]rs
tel. +381 64 8010-381

Jelena Ožegović
Marketing and Communications Associate
e-mail: jelena.ozegovic[at]rnids[dot]rs
tel. 064/80 10 385

Jovana Cvetković
Administrative Associate
e-mail: kancelarija[at]rnids[dot]rs
tel. +381 60 0120-554






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